Ed Sheeran Flops Concert for Cats

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Ed Sheeran, despite his monumental success as a recording artist, faced an unexpected challenge when he attempted to charm a feline audience during a recent visit to a cat café. The 32-year-old singer-songwriter revisited the venue, which he had initially frequented a decade ago, aiming to serenade a group of cats in an exclusive concert. However, it appears that his musical prowess failed to resonate with the indifferent feline spectators.

In an Instagram video shared on Tuesday (Jan. 30), Sheeran humorously addressed the unresponsive cats, asking, “Who wants to hear a song?” Unfortunately, the kitties were engrossed in their kibble and remained nonchalant. The four-time Grammy winner managed only one guitar strum before the majority of the cats swiftly departed. Only one fluffy gray shorthair, sporting a comical underbite, remained, more interested in its food bowl than Sheeran’s performance.

Expressing a hint of disappointment, Sheeran admitted, “It was not more successful than my last visit, no.” The video then transitions to a clip from a decade ago, showcasing him performing “Thinking Out Loud” to a similarly unresponsive audience at the same cat café. In a caption, the musician humorously remarked, “Trying to win over the same kitties that ran away from me in 2014, same results.”

Despite this amusing encounter, Sheeran is enjoying success in his career, having recently secured his first Emmy win for outstanding original music and lyrics for Ted Lasso’s “A Beautiful Game” at the Jan. 6 ceremony. Currently on tour following the October 2023 release of his album “Autumn Variations,” Sheeran has shows planned in Asia until mid-March. Hopefully, his performances in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore garner more positive reviews than his peculiar experience at the cat café.

Written by: Power Radio

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