“Soooooo Smooth” is definitely the catch phrase for this DJ whether you’re relating it to him or the way

he resonates with his audience through music. Although DJONE is a lover of all music genres and eras,

he has an undeniable bond to the 90s. Whether it’s the upbeat tempos or the sultry sounds of R & B, he

knows that this era is personal to his listeners and enjoys taking them down those memory lanes. Using

the smooth baritone of his voice and his ability to feel the crowd he has easily become a fan favorite and

continues to build a faithful following of listeners from all around the world.


DJONE developed a love for music at an early age and set out to become a master of the craft. Being in

the game nearly 20 years, he has done just that. Being trusted for his professionalism he has taken

events to whole other levels ranging from parties, social events, club bookings etc. Social media is now

included in that range and has created even more opportunities. Although he’s a man of many many

talents (including being a certified pilot) his listeners have remained a priority and he’s not stopping

anytime soon. GO DJ!!!!

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