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Airport Altercation: Jim Jones Cleared of Charges

Rapper Jim Jones found himself embroiled in a physical altercation at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport recently, leaving one bystander injured. However, after reviewing surveillance footage and witness statements, law enforcement officials have opted not to press charges against Jones, citing his actions as self-defense.The incident unfolded as Jones was disembarking from a plane. According to police reports, a passenger named James Dos Santos initiated the confrontation by shoving Jones in […]

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Lay Bankz’s “Tell Ur Girlfriend” reigns supreme for a third week on TikTok Top 50!

Lay Bankz's infectious hit "Tell Ur Girlfriend" continues its reign at the top of the TikTok Billboard Top 50 chart for a remarkable third consecutive week. The song's popularity shows no signs of waning, fueled by a captivating dance trend that has taken the platform by storm. While "Tell Ur Girlfriend" dominates streaming, racking up 10.9 million official U.S. streams and reaching No. 58 on the Billboard Hot 100, a […]

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Jelly Roll Celebrates First 5K Finish with Wife Bunnie XO by His Side

Country star Jelly Roll, known for his powerful vocals and "Son of a Sinner" persona, recently achieved a personal victory – conquering his first-ever 5K race! But this wasn't just about crossing a finish line; it was the culmination of a dedicated weight-loss journey, unwavering support from his wife Bunnie XO, and a testament to overcoming self-doubt.The road to this accomplishment wasn't easy. Jelly Roll admitted he could barely walk […]

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Fan Gets Tattoo Typo, Olivia Rodrigo Offers Hilarious Solution.

Fan Gets "Sour" Tattoo Typo, Olivia Rodrigo Offers Lighthearted FixA fan's love for Olivia Rodrigo's music might have gotten a little misspelled!A young fan named Grace recently got lyrics from "Hope Ur Ok" tattooed – "Address the letters to the holes in my butterfly wings" – except with a typo: "butter wings." Posting the tattoo on TikTok, Grace jokingly pleaded with Olivia to change the lyrics officially.Luckily, Olivia saw the […]

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Tom Holland can’t hide his admiration for Zendaya’s Met Gala look.

Zendaya Stuns at Met Gala, Boyfriend Tom Holland Gushes OnlineTom Holland continues to be a supportive boyfriend! He shared a photo on Instagram praising Zendaya's incredible Met Gala outfit. The dress, designed by Maison Margiela and John Galliano, was a showstopper, perfectly capturing the event's theme.This isn't the first time Holland has publicly shown his admiration for Zendaya. In a past interview, he admitted she was his childhood crush and […]

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Ariana Grande wows Met Gala with fairytale-themed performance, joined by Cynthia Erivo for a duet.

Ariana Grande Enchants Met Gala with Fairytale Performance and Wicked DuetThe 2024 Met Gala witnessed a double dose of magic from Ariana Grande. First, she delivered a mesmerizing performance fit for the theme, "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion."Grande's entrance was a spectacle itself. Carried by ethereal dancers, she "slept" her way into the venue before waking up to sing "Once Upon a Dream." Following this fairytale start, she belted out her […]

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Doja Cat pushes fashion boundaries with bedsheet dress for NYC jewelry shopping.

Doja Cat caused a stir in NYC with a unique shopping outfit!Sporting a white bedsheet (with a strategically placed black thong underneath) and black Louboutins, the rapper hit the streets for a jewelry shopping spree. Photos show her clutching the sheet and entering a Cartier store with designer Guram Gvasalia by her side.Gvasalia even shared glimpses of Doja trying on jewelry, snacking, and adjusting the "non-dress" (which sported a VETEMENTS […]

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Melissa McCarthy sets the record straight – Barbra Streisand’s public question about Ozempic wasn’t meant as a jab. McCarthy explains Streisand was simply admiring her appearance.

Melissa McCarthy laughs off Barbra Streisand's Ozempic commentRemember that whole thing where Barbra Streisand publicly asked Melissa McCarthy if she took Ozempic? Well, McCarthy wants everyone to know there's no hard feelings!Just days after a reporter asked her about it, McCarthy took to Instagram to clear the air. She shared a photo holding a magazine with a young Streisand on the cover, jokingly saying "the takeaway" is that Streisand noticed […]

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Wallen’s Absence Expected at Court Hearing Due to Arrest

Fresh from his headline performance at Stagecoach music festival, Morgan Wallen was slated to appear in a Nashville court on Friday (May 3) concerning his arrest for allegedly tossing a chair off the roof of a Broadway Street bar.However, his lawyer, Worrick Robinson, will represent him, according to confirmation from Billboard. Robinson stated, "The court has officially waived Morgan Wallen’s presence on Friday, May 3, as it is unnecessary for […]

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Why Did Selena Gomez Shut Down Her Instagram Comments?

Selena Gomez Champions Mental Health at Rare Beauty Summit Selena Gomez continued her mission for mental health awareness at the 3rd annual Rare Beauty Mental Health Summit in New York City. She opened up about her personal journey with Today's Hoda Kotb, discussing the steps she takes to protect her mental well-being.Setting Boundaries for Better Mental Health:One key step, even for the most-followed woman on Instagram, was taking control of her […]

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